Damian Chief Cook & manager

If you know the west of Ireland then you will appreciate the splendour and beauty that surrounded me growing up. My early gastronomic memories lie in the simplicity of fishing for salmon with my uncle on the Atlantic coast and partaking in the ritual of preparing and cooking that fish. This was a true celebration for my senses; and hence to this day my flavour memory can still taste that pink flaky delicacy.

My father was a butcher and passionately taught me this art. He also taught me to respect the animal which remains prominent in my mind and translates into my work as a chef. I proudly worked as a butcher for 6 six years before embarking on my culinary apprenticeship. It was at this point I realised my destiny to dedicate my working life to the culinary arts.

Many happy memories flood back when I think about my days as a commis chef. Times were also hard but I persevered and managed to achieve my diploma in professional cookery. In my early twenties I escalated my quest for culinary knowledge and embarked on exploring different cultures. My journey took me to India, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia and Australia. Words can not describe the food experiences and influences that now complete me as a chef.

I returned to Dublin and worked in some of the cities fine dining establishments. I was able to experiment with my new found knowledge and skills and was gratified by my seniors. At this time my life was to change again. Another love had materialised. Her name was Florence and together we were to take many more journeys.

We successfully leased a restaurant outside Dublin for three years adding to our repertoire and making us thirsty for something more. We moved to France and through time I developed my love for the French way of life.

Florence Head Waiter - Bed&Breakfast

From a young age my experience of growing up in Aveyron in a small village has moulded and directed me to my love of food. My mother worked in our local restaurant and on many occasions I helped her with village fetes and weddings. This was my learning block for organising and delivering quality service. To the side of our house a small vineyard that has yielded many delicious wines.

I studied and earned my diploma in hospitality. Thereafter I moved to Plymouth, England and worked as a chef de Partie.

Being young and inquisitive I decided to travel to Dublin, Ireland. My waitressing experience gained me employment in a top rated restaurant also at this time I encountered Damian and so our journey began.

When we leased our own restaurant I took charge of front of house. This is a natural way of being for me. I love meeting people and my work is enhanced by doing my best to ensure all out customers have a pleasant experience. My appreciation and understanding of wine is something I am happy to share with our customers.

I am the proud mother of two boys and hope our chosen path gives both of them experiences to remember and the scaffolding to build a positive future.

Damian and I look forward to our new beginning and extend a big welcome to you all.